PHTLS (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support) Course

    Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) Course

    2 day course – £458 Ex. VAT

    Download the course details as PDF:

    Location: Liverpool
    Date: 4th – 5th July 2016

    Course Overview:

    PGI Training’s Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) is one of the leading educational programmes for pre-hospital care. This 2 day course is a comprehensive and intensive experience designed for pre-hospital doctors, nurses and paramedics. Students are expected to have a good level of medical knowledge prior to the course and are encouraged to read the manual before attending.

    Your Instructor:

    Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support is delivered by individuals with invaluable pre-hospital experience both in the UK and in remote and austere environments. Our faculty combines the expertise of paramedics and pre-hospital doctors and nurses.

    Course Syllabus:

    The PHTLS course includes scene assessment, history and physical examinations to systematically manage life-threatening situations. Modules will involve interactive skill stations, real-life scenarios, lectures and assessments. PGI Training pride themselves on using the latest equipment and cutting-edge practices.

    Upon completion you can expect:

    The course is endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and governed by the National Association of EMTs in the USA.

    Upon completion of the PHTLS training course you will be awarded with a certification that lasts for four years.

    We took the decision to load 16 medical personnel of varying degrees of experience and confidence onto the esteemed Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support course in order to develop their wider professional knowledge and to provide the individual medics the opportunity to springboard their own learning in new directions. The instructors engendered a personal approach towards the students, ensuring that the best was brought out of each and every one of them. The students commented that this allowed their confidence to grow as the tempo increased, which allowed them to perform highly throughout the practical and theory examinations.

    Every student left the course with a better knowledge of caring for patients in the pre-hospital environment; with all surpassing their own expectations!
    Yours Faithfully

    T Wardley
    LT RN
    OC 1 Troop
    Medical Squadron
    Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines
    Royal Marines Barracks Chivenor

“Having undertaken numerous training courses over a 30 year career in law enforcement, this course ranks amongst the best I have attended. The knowledge and awareness of the guest lecturers is second to none. The course benefits from having students from diverse backgrounds, my course had an FD from a Mining company, Risk Manager from an Airport and a training Manager in the Offhsore Wind Industry. There is not a course on the market that can match the expertise in the SRMC”

Former Chief Superintendent of a UK Police Force

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“I have recently accepted a full time employment offer form 'Deloitte' as 'Senior Risk Management Consultant' I have no doubt that without the SRMC and all the support from PGI securing this position would have been far more difficult so I would just like to say thank you for everyone's knowledge and advice over the past 6 months. Also; this proves the weight which the SRMC carries in comparison to other courses which ran for a longe period of time and have wider known reputation currently. A result all round.”

Andrew Young Risk Manager

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I’m very pleased to have chosen this course, and training provider, I would highly recommend it for anyone thinking of gaining some academic qualifications, and moving into either management or consultancy roles within the security industry.

Paul Ingram
Chief Instructor
Perseus Risk Management

Testimonial Paul Ingram



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